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At Intermezzo, we prefer to make it all about our clients.  Our commitment is to help our clients address their marketing challenges, grow their business and achieve their goals, year after year.

What do you need help with? A Mobile App or Loyalty Portal, for your Players Club? CRM or Casino Management System integration? Guest Communication and Engagement?  Marketing and Operations Strategy? Acquisition and Retention of new guests? Do you want to increase the long-term value of your marketing efforts?

Our team of respected gaming industry leaders are equipped with decades of experience in gaming, marketing, software architecture and database development for OEM/CRM Loyalty systems.

Our award-winning ClubLinq solutions address and solve your challenges. Secure better customer loyalty, get the edge on your competition and increase your ROI. It’s easier than you think with ClubLinq, developed by Intermezzo, Inc.


Clever Apps & Custom Solutions for the casino industry. Our solutions enable casinos to effectively engage their patrons through enterprise integration of Casino Accounting, POS, PMS, CRM and Casino Management Systems with Microsoft .Net Loyalty Portals, Guest Kiosks, Native Mobile Apps and targeted, programmable SMS/Push.

ClubLinq Solutions

An award-winning series of API’s packaged as modules, web applications and native mobile apps. Designed server-side agnostic, any web design protocol can securely access ClubLinq.

Professional Services

  • Marketing & Operations Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Support Services
  • Version Management
  • Project Management

Marketing Support

Our team offers on-going marketing ideas, strategies and support utilizing Our-Game-Plan™, a hybrid doctrine blending tactics and strategy, to help you achieve your marketing and operational goals.


The ClubLinq® CRCMS is the Customer Relationship Content Management System, for ClubLinq.  Aggregating, organizing and managing more than 30 API integrations with OEM-sponsored integrations, CRCMS represents the Data & Business layers of the three-tier architecture powering and protecting ClubLinq.

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The ClubLinq® Touch kiosk based marketing system provides casinos with a multitude of Player Interaction Management features including Drawings, Swipe & Win, Point Offers, Point Challenges, Tournament Entry, Coupons and more. ClubLinq Touch has a three-year proven track record of providing unparalleled customer service.

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The ClubLinq® Loyalty Portal provides a user friendly view of the CRCMS, allowing guests quick and convenient access to their players club account featuring offers, point and comp balances, club benefits, tournaments and special event information.  Guests can access the 24/7 loyalty portal securely; using Microsoft’s latest technology, three-layer architecture and two-factor authentication. The loyalty portal is an extension of your brand that instills top-of-mind awareness and guest loyalty.

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The ClubLinq® Mobile platform delivers your online loyalty portal to iOS™ & Android™ devices through sleek, native mobile applications. Harnessing native technology, geo-based triggers and messaging as well as behavior-based interactions drives results-oriented patron engagement. True and complete integration drives continuity and user satisfaction; no extra paperwork or standing in line.  Simple gamification concepts with immediate incentives drive enrollments and data purity.

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ClubLinq® Thread is a hybrid cloud application delivering programmable SMS and Push to your subscribers. Either, OR or Both … have meaningful discussions with your patrons, when and where it matters. Using ClubLinq to securely integrate with your Casino Management System, Thread regularly reminds and invites guests, with personalized variable data fields for personalized messaging. You can also upload lists to send immediate or reminder messages to groups or individuals.

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ClubLinq® Coordinator is a private cloud application, fully automated and integrated with your Casino Management System to provide casino operators, charter bus and group/junket operators with efficient management of tedious group, bus and patron scheduling as well as automated assignment of associated player rewards, CMS group and promo event creation.  Improves the patron’s experience by streamlining disembarkation and eliminates waiting in long lines for coupons and offers.

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