Blog / 27 Feb 2017

Jeff Baldi, President & CEO, Intermezzo, Inc. I fell in love with the casino business 21 years ago, wearing a purple tuxedo shirt.

The most critical lesson I learned was also one of the first: Most every operation has slot machines, tables, and dining options. The only true, unique differentiation a casino (any business) has, is people and the service they provide. Certainly a cliche and generalization, and, as a theory, it directly opposes the premise that automation can actually DRIVE customer service levels, doesn’t it?

No. Here’s one example: The proliferation of TITO. In the early years of this millennium, as ticket printers were sold and installed across the world, players hated it at first, operators liked the efficiency, but hated the expense and employees were scared by the prospect of losing their job. In my experience, both selling to and consulting with operators the vast majority of these ‘scared’ front line teams were ‘re-deployed’ to hybrid, ambassador roles…focusing more on service and availability, than processing transactions.

Why a 20-year-old example?

1. Automation & technology are not just buzz words. With the proper partners & strategy, your most important assets can be utilized more fully. 2. Real systems integration provides real value…for you and your patrons. 3. If we do not learn from our past, we will continue to suffer. It seems like every other post, article or sales pitch is a desperate attempt to snare the millennial dollar, or get more out of the ‘boomers.’ The casino business is an entertainment/experience business, the level of human service provided impacts profit directly, regardless of demographic.

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