Blog / 18 Oct 2016

While you have invested time, effort and financial resources to attract and maintain each and every customer, how much attention have you allotted to minimizing the time that each customers travels and stands in lines?

As cutting edge e-commerce businesses like Amazon and Facebook continue to set the standard for transaction response rate and visually appealing applications, casino operations are often hindered and hesitant to adopt mobile technology available to improve the customer’s experience and reduce the costly “line time”.

Let’s review a hypothetical example on how valuable it is to minimize the idle time:

Rhonda, a typical slot customer, visits your casino once a week. She loves to play video slot games and typically seeks out one of her favorite games at a 12% theoretical house advantage.

Initially, upon arrival to the casino, Rhonda goes to the Players Club for her free giveaway gift. Rhonda then goes to the Kiosk to check on her drawing entries, point multipliers and available daily promotions. Potentially, Rhonda may then need to take a voucher back to the Players Club to redeem a Swipe and Win or to receive some promotional incentive or to activate a multiplier. Finally, Rhonda finishes standing in lines at the Players Club and the Kiosk and starts playing her favorite slot games.

After a few hours, Rhonda is hungry. If she remembered to bring the food credit coupon mailed to her, she goes directly to the restaurant and waits in line for her table. If she did not remember her coupon, she heads back to the Player’s Club and will possible stand in line again to request her coupons.

For every minute Rhonda spends walking back and forth and waiting in lines, potential revenue and profits dissipate. Take a look at the math:

Rhonda’s average bet is $1.50. She spends all of her time playing her favorite video slot games. Since Rhonda is a loyal and experienced player, she plays at a pace of 12 games per minute, generating $18 coin in per minute or $1,080 coin in per hour. In turn, her play generates a theoretical value of approximately $130 per hour.

Assuming Rhonda is forced to move between locations and/or stand on line for just 20 minutes per week, it is possible that $43 in theoretical value is lost each and every week. Over the course of a year, the potential lost revenue is a staggering $2,236 or more.

How many Rhonda’s do you have in your database? How many valuable and profitable minutes is each Rhonda spending doing things other than playing her favorite slots? How many of those precious minutes could be redirected towards profits if only each Rhonda could access her information, offers incentives on her mobile device?

Intermezzo’s Customer Relationship Content Management System (ClubLinq CRCMS) and the ClubLinq Mobile platform aggregate, present and redeem directly from Rhonda’s smartphone or browser; ClubLinq is the perfect complement to your kiosk, direct mail and Player’s Club marketing efforts.