Blog / 3 Dec 2016

There are billions of people who use mobile phones today.  A staggering figure and the numbers continue to rise.

Consensus is that mobile marketing is the future of the marketing industry and most other industries for that matter.

Now that mobile phones outnumber computers by far, businesses in all sectors have utilized the boundless opportunities that mobile marketing offers.

Casinos all over the word have embraced the employ of mobile apps, SMS/push and mobile marketing strategies.  But many casinos have simply not got on board yet and are still operating marketing strategies like they did in the 1990’s.   The fact is that casinos cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing and must acknowledge the value of adopting a strategic mobile marketing plan as soon as possible.

Today, online casinos allow customers to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their home on their mobile device.  People are looking for ways to do things more efficiently.   Casino marketing and loyalty club information and communications is no exception.  Customer want to know what’s available to them in the shortest possible time and communicating with mobile technology can offer them just that.

With over a billion users on Facebook plus millions on Instagram and WhatsApp, mobile phones have proven success in social media as well as many other sectors like health, education and transportation.  Such success has not yet been deployed throughout the gaming industry.

Every business needs efficient marketing.  The casino business is no exception.  The traditional marketing methods of communicating are falling by the wayside with the onset of mobile marketing.   People nowadays prefer to text rather than talk on the phone.  Most direct mail received goes into the wastebasket without being opened.   Google, Facebook, YouTube and so many others have optimized for the mobile device.  Mobile marketing is not the future for casinos any longer.  Mobile marketing is the present here and now.

Does your casino marketing plan have enough MOBILE in it?