Blog / 25 Oct 2016

Does the following sound familiar?  You, as the Marketing Director, come up with a brilliant casino special event opportunity.  

Based on past experiences, you begin planning the event and developing the creative 10 to 12 weeks in advance since you know that invitations to events, entertainment and tournaments need to arrive in mail boxes at least 6 to 7 weeks before the event to provide guests with adequate time to plan their attendance, thereby, maximizing your response rate.  After all, this is how it’s always been done in the past, right?

You and your trusted assistants start the process by opening the jobs for the creative work.  You draft invitation copy and provide your vision for the event invitations that you believe will be most effective.  However, due to differences of opinion between you and the Creative Director on what creative ideas will be the most interesting, informative and appealing to your target market, two weeks go by before the invitation creative is completed.

After carefully evaluating the invited guest criteria, you match it with the various offer levels: complimentary, discounted and full pay.  You send the lists and creative versions to your printer or direct mail provider with the hope that they will successfully merge the guest lists with the correct creative version.  You anticipate receiving proofs back within days and to start printing soon after, but due to the printer’s busy schedule you are informed it may take 7 to 8 days to get the invitations printed, addressed and mailed.

Weeks later guests start receiving the invitations in the mail.   You breathe a sigh of relief, until you start thinking about it further and realize that guests joining the Player’s Club between now and the event who have qualifying play levels are not included in the direct mail invite.  You very likely are missing a great opportunity for a new player development offer.  You also realize that existing invited guests that increase their play significantly during the next couple of months and would now qualify for a better offer will have already received their invitation.  This concerns you, but this is how it’s always been done in the past – right? 

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